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Written Statement - Index of Policies

Chapter 4 - Housing
H1 Housing Supply
H2 Affordable Housing
H3 Affordable Housing – payment in lieu
H4 Supported Housing
H5 Accessible Housing
H6 Gypsies and Travelling Show People
H7 Housing Density and Design
H8 Residential Extensions
H9 Side Space
H10 Areas of Special Residential Character
H11 Residential Conversions
H12 Conversion of Non-Residential Buildings to Residential Use
H13 Parking of Commercial Vehicles

Chapter 5 – Transport
T1 Transport Demand
T2 Assessment of Transport Effects
T3 Parking
T4 Park and Ride
T5 Access for People with Restricted Mobility
T6 Pedestrians
T7 Cyclists
T8 Other Road Users
T9 Public Transport
T10 Public Transport
T11 New Accesses
T12 Residential Roads
T13 Unmade Roads
T14 Unadopted Highways
T15 Traffic Management
T16 Traffic Management and Sensitive Environments
T17 Servicing of Premises
T18 Road Safety

Chapter 6 - Conservation and the Built Environment
BE1 Design of New Development
BE2 Mixed use developments
BE3 Buildings in Rural Areas
BE4 Public Realm
BE5 Public Art
BE6 Environmental Improvements
BE7 Railings, Boundary Walls and Other Means of Enclosure
BE8 Statutory Listed Buildings
BE9 Demolition of a listed building
BE10 Locally Listed Buildings
BE11 Conservation Areas
BE12 Demolition in conservation areas
BE13 Development adjacent to a conservation area
BE14 Trees in Conservation Areas
BE15 Historic Parks and Gardens
BE16 Ancient Monuments and Archaeology
BE17 High buildings
BE18 The Skyline
BE19 Shopfronts
BE20 Security Shutters
BE21 Control of Advertisements, Hoardings and Signs
BE22 Telecommunications Apparatus
BE23 Satellite Dishes

Chapter 7 - The Natural Environment
NE1 Development and SSSIs
NE2 Development and Nature Conservation Sites
NE3 Nature Conservation and Development
NE4 Additional Nature Conservation Sites
NE5 Protected Species
NE6 World Heritage Site
NE7 Development and Trees
NE8 Conservation and Management of Trees and Woodlands
NE9 Hedgerows and Development
NE10 Hedgerow Retention
NE11 Kent North Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
NE12 Landscape Quality and Character
NE13 Green Corridors

Chapter 8 - Green Belt and Open Space
G1 The Green Belt
G2 Metropolitan Open Land
G3 National Sports Centre Major Developed Site
G4 Extensions/Alterations to Dwellings in the Green Belt or on Metropolitan Open Land
G5 Replacement Dwellings in the Green Belt or on Metropolitan Open Land
G6 Land Adjoining Green Belt or Metropolitan Open Land
G7 South East London Green Chain
G8 Urban Open Space
G9 Future Re-Use of Agricultural Land
G10 Development Related to Farm Diversification
G11 Agricultural Dwellings
G12 Temporary Agricultural Dwellings
G13 Removal of Occupancy Conditions
G14 Minerals Workings
G15 Mineral Workings - Associated Development

Chapter 9 - Recreation, Leisure and Tourism
L1 Outdoor Recreation and Leisure
L2 Public Rights of Way and Other Recreational Routes
L3 Horses, Stabling and Riding Facilities
L4 Horses, Stabling and Riding Facilities – joint applications
L5 War Games and Similar Uses
L6 Playing Fields
L7 Leisure Gardens and Allotments
L8 Public Open Space Deficiency
L9 Indoor Recreation and Leisure
L10 Tourist-Related Development - New Development
L11 Tourist-Related Development - Changes of Use

Chapter 10 - Business and Regeneration
EMP1 Large Scale Office Development
EMP2 Office Development
EMP3 Conversion or redevelopment of Offices
EMP4 Business Areas
EMP5 Development Outside Business Areas
EMP6 Development Outside Business Areas – non conforming uses
EMP7 Business Support
EMP8 Use of Dwellings for Business Purposes
EMP9 Vacant Commercial Sites and Premises
EMP10 Advice for Businesses

Chapter 11 - Town Centres and Shopping
S1 Primary Frontages
S2 Secondary Frontages
S3 The Glades
S4 Local Centres
S5 Local Neighbourhood Centres, Parades and Individual Shops
S6 Retail and Leisure Development – existing centres
S7 Retail and Leisure Development – outside existing centres
S8 Petrol Filling Stations
S9 Food and Drink Premises
S10 Non-Retail Uses in Shopping Areas
S11 Residential Accommodation
S12 Markets
S13 Mini Cab and Taxi Offices
S14 Pedestrian Environment

Chapter 12 - Biggin Hill
BH1 Local Environment
BH2 New Development
BH3 South Camp
BH4 Passenger Terminal/Control Tower/West Camp (Area 1)
BH5 Former RAF Married Quarters (Area 2)
BH6 East Camp (Area 3)
BH7 Safety
BH8 Noise Sensitive Development

Chapter 13 - Community Services
C1 Community Facilities
C2 Community Facilities and Development
C3 Access to Buildings for People with Disabilities
C4 Health facilities
C5 Facilities for Vulnerable Groups
C6 Residential Proposals for People with Particular Accommodation Requirements
C7 Educational and Pre-School Facilities
C8 Dual Community Use of Educational Facilities

Chapter 14 - Environmental Resources
ER1 Waste Management Principles
ER2 Waste Management Facilities
ER3 Promoting Recycling
ER4 Sustainable and Energy Efficient Development
ER5 Air Quality
ER6 Potentially-Polluting Development
ER7 Contaminated Land
ER8 Noise Pollution
ER9 Ventilation
ER10 Light Pollution
ER11 Hazardous Substances
ER12 Controlling Development in Flood Risk Areas
ER13 Foul and Surface Water Discharges from Development
ER14 Surface and Groundwater Quality
ER15 Conservation of Water Resources
ER16 The Water Environment - River corridors
ER17 Development and the Water Environment

Chapter 15 - Implementation
IMP1 Planning Obligations

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