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Written Statement - Contents

PART 1: Strategic Statement Page

1 Introduction
2 Sustainable Communities
3 Strategic Objectives

PART II: Local Policies

The Built Environment
4 Housing
5 Transport
6 Conservation and the Built Environment

The Natural Environment
7 The Natural Environment
8 Green Belt and Open Space
9 Recreation, Leisure and Tourism

The Economy
10 Business and Regeneration
11 Town Centres and Shopping
12 Biggin Hill Airport and Environs

The Community
13 Community Services
14 Environmental Resources

15 Implementation
16 Schedule of Proposal Sites

I Areas of Special Residential Character
II Parking Standards
III Conservation Areas and Article 4 Directions
IV Areas and Sites of Archaeological Significance
V Shopping Frontages
VI Use Classes Order
VII Views
VIII List of Supplementary Planning Guidance
IX Sites of Special Scientific Interest

Index of Policies


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