Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (C.N.D.) - Bromley and Beckenham

DescriptionThe Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was formed in 1958 as a voluntary peace organisation. It is opposed to the manufacture, testing and use of nuclear weapons, and campaigns against illegal wars and occupations. The main focus at present is to reverse the UK government's decision to replace the trident missile system.
Contact nameAnn Garrett
Contact telephone020 8460 1295
Meeting location address31 Plaistow Grove, Bromley
Meeting postcodeBR1 3PB
Meeting telephone020 8460 1295
National website
Alternative contact nameTahrir Swift
Alternative contact telephone01689 602 748; 07989 861 380
Alternative contact
Age groups14-18;19-24;25-65;65+
Organisation typeVoluntary
Record updated12-02-2015

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