Beckenham High Street Improvements

Beckenham High Street phasing timetable

The works will be completed in 8 phases of improvements. Works are currently largely on programme.

The completed phases are:

Phase A  - the junction improvements including new paving, kerbs and road surfacing at High Street, Albermarle Road, Rectory Road and Southend Road.

Phase 1 - new paving and kerbs on the eastern side of the High Street between Albermarle Road and Thorntons Corner.

Phase 2 - new paving and kerbs on the western side of the High Street between Rectory Road and Thorntons Corner.

The current phase

Phase 3 - Thorntons Corner and south side of High Street to 141 High Street (HSBC Bank). 

Anticipated duration: August to November 2017

Works: New paving, kerbing, lighting, road surfacing and tree planting.

Traffic diversions: Beckenham High Street will be closed southbound between Albemarle Road and Bromley Road and between Manor Road and Village Way

Bus diversions during phase 3 

  • Bus stops D (Beckenham Green), H (near Manor Road)and K (Lidl)  in the High Street will be closed and stop R will only be served by route 352
  • Bus stops C and J in the High Street (northbound) will remain open but may be temporarily relocated a short distance
  • Southbound routes 54, 227, 354, 367 and N3 will be diverted via Rectory Road. This is a change to the current diversion for routes 227, 367 and N3 but for routes 54 and 354 this is the same diversion as has been in place since March 2017
  • Route 162 will remain diverted via St George‚Äôs Road. Route 162 was to return to its normal route from August 2017 but as the High Street between Albemarle Road and Bromley Road will now remain closed for a longer period the diversion needs to remain
  • Northbound buses and routes 194, 352 and 358 will not be diverted
  • Buses will run normally for a period around Christmas 2017 - the dates are still to be confirmed

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Phasing and timetable plan

Beckenham High Street phasing plan.