Secondary school places

14 - 19 schools - University Technical Colleges (UTCs)

Students moving on to Year 10 in September 2018 (born between 01/09/2002 and 31/08/2004) have the option to apply for courses at University Technology Colleges (UTCs).

What are University Technical Colleges (UTCs)

UTC courses specialise in subjects that need modern, technical, industry-standard equipment, such as engineering and constructions and teach these disciplines alongside business skills and a broad, general education. UTCs should provide progression routes into higher education or further learning in work, including apprenticeships.

How to apply

You can find University Technical Colleges in London and how to apply.

Some accept applications direct, others require applications to be made through the home Local Authority coordinated online system.

The application deadline for online applications is 31 October 2017.

All parents/carers who apply online will know what provision their child has been offered, (if any) on the evening of 1 March 2018.