Support and information for carers

We recognise and appreciates that carers are vital, and the value of their support incalculable , for the well being of the person they are caring for.

Are you a carer?

A carer is someone who regularly cares, without payment, for a relative, partner or friend, who due to illness, disability, vulnerability or frailty cannot manage at home without help. Carers can come from all walks of life, can be of any age and can be of any racial origin. 

If you look after a relative, friend or disabled child who needs
support to live at home then....YOU ARE A CARER!

What help is provided

We provide the following help for carers over 18 and for those they care for:

  • the person you look after can have a Care Assessment to see if services can be provided to support or replace the care you normally give. You are able to contribute to this discussion if the person you care for agrees to this.
  • you can have your own confidential Carer's Assessment which will look at your caring responsibilities and your own needs.
  • advice and information on local services and organisations.

Who can get help

To ensure that services go to those with the greatest need, who are at risk of losing their independence, we have eligibility criteria for those who are seeking help from social services. Priority for services is given to those whose needs have been assessed as meeting the criteria.


There is no cost for assessment, advice or information from Adult and Community Services. However, there may be a cost for some of the services that are available, which will be fully discussed before support is arranged.

Next steps

Please contact us, assistance is available from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday - Friday.

For carers of people aged under 65 with mental ill-health, this help can be accessed through the Community Mental Health Teams. Further details of services for carers with mental ill-health can be found on the Oxleas NHS Trust website

Services for carers and those they care for are also provided by local voluntary organisations.

Contact adult social care


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