Council tax 2018/19

Letter from the Leader of the Council

Dear Resident,

Difficult times - difficult choices


We continue to live through an era of completely un-paralleled financial challenge across local government.

Despite the ongoing pressures, we have continued to seek efficiencies, take savings and invest your money wisely wherever an opportunity to do so could be found. As a result, I am pleased to be able to confirm that by taking these difficult decisions early, we are now in a position to balance the 2018/19 council budget without the need for either an excessive council tax rise or any cuts to highly valued local services.

We have also listened and acted on your priorities: last year spending an additional £1m to support Environmental Services and planning enforcement, in addition to an extra £1.5m to support services for the borough’s most vulnerable residents.

We very much hope that the need for the modest increase in council tax which accompanies these achievements, set alongside ever increasing demands for adult and children’s care budgets, increasing statutory duties from central government and inflation proves acceptable to you under the circumstances.

We remain ever conscious that every penny we spend as a council is your own and our pledge remains, to never spend more than is absolutely necessary.

Councillor Colin Smith

Bromley Council Leader

Your bill 

The current challenging financial situation means residents will see a 4.21 per cent increase in council tax for 2018-19.
This is made up of a 1.99 per cent increase in the Bromley element of the council tax, plus a 2 per cent government precept to help protect adult social care services. 
Allowing for the Greater London Authority (GLA) increase of 5.07 per cent, the combined effect equates to an increase of £58.67 a year on a Band D property, with other bands calculated pro rata.