Council tax 2017/18

Letter from the Leader of the Council

Dear Resident,

Our long-term prudent approach to our budgets and the drive to take savings early has meant we have not had to make any new services reductions this year.

Indeed, we are able to respond to local priorities highlighted through the consultation process with extra funding namely:

  • £500,000 to enhance the general street scene
  • £250,000 to enhance planning and enforcement
  • £200,000 to evolve a new apprenticeship scheme 
  • £1.5m new money to improve services for our vulnerable young people

In light of diminished government funding and an expectation that local authorities will become self-sufficient, an increase in council tax is still necessary to balance the budget. Also included is a government precept to help cover increasing pressures in adult social care.

Our approach to budgeting sustainably is working and so we will continue to:

  • maximise income through sound investments,
  • seek efficiencies in the way we procure and supply service,
  • lobby government for a better deal for Bromley.

We are fully committed to our Building a Better Bromley vision, and we are working hard to continue to deliver on our promises.

Councillor Stephen Carr
Bromley Council Leader

Your bill

The current challenging financial situation means residents will see a 3.47 per cent increase in council tax for 2017-18.

This is made up of a 1.99 per cent increase in the Bromley element of the council tax, plus a 2 per cent government precept to help protect adult social care services.

Allowing for the Greater London Authority (GLA) increase of 1.46 per cent, the combined effect equates to an increase of £46.77 a year on a Band D property, with other bands calculated pro rata.

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