Preparing you and your family

Emergencies can take place unexpectedly any time, any where. They take many forms - from a house fire or burst water main to a large scale accident or hazardous spill. They can be natural or manmade. But regardless of when, where and why they occur we all need to be prepared should the worst happen.

You can take simple steps in advance to ensure that you and your family are prepared and Bromley Prepared shows you how.

Go in, stay in, tune in campaign

Based on common sense the UK Government has published detailed information on its preparing for emergencies website.

Be prepared

Make an Emergency Kit

All Bromley residents should have access to some basic supplies in the event of an emergency such as a mobile phone, radio (with batteries), essential medicine. However, it is vital that the emergency kit is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is up-to-date.

Develop a Plan

Knowing in advance what you will do in an emergency is important. Any plan should be simple and flexible. Be prepared to assess the situation and use your common sense. You should consider where to meet your loved ones if you cannot access your property. Also think about making arrangements for contacting a friend or family living in another part of the country during an emergency.  

Stay Aware

Emergencies come in different forms and are significantly different. The very nature of an emergency will influence the decisions you make and actions you take. So by learning about these hazards and threats, you are preparing yourself and family. Use the various website links on this site to learn more!


Emergency planning


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