What are the requirements

You can be single or in any kind of relationship, own a house or rent a flat, have no children or many children - as long as you:

  • are over 21
  • have a spare bedroom
  • are reasonably fit and healthy
  • enjoy spending a lot of time with children
  • have good listening and communication skills
  • are patient, kind, and flexible 
  • have a sense of humour 
  • can work closely with social workers, teachers, the child's family members

We are particularly recruiting carers who are able to foster:

  • teenagers
  • sibling groups
  • children with disabilities - full-time or respite care
  • children with challenging behaviour

But we are interested in hearing from you no matter what your availability. 

Bromley Fostering Team

Tel: 0300 303 8672

Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH