Meals at home services

There are a number of specialist providers of frozen ready meals who will deliver to peoples' homes. They all have an extensive range of meals suitable for all dietary needs including vegetarian, gluten free, ethnic, low fat, soft, pureed and diabetic. Further details about the providers is available on our adult social care website.

Who can use the service 

Anybody may purchase meals from these providers but their services are particularly suited to people who have difficulty in getting to the shops or cooking for themselves from scratch.

If after an assessment of need by a care manager you require meals as part of a wider package of support your care manager may assist with making the initial arrangements on your behalf. 


All the specialist providers

  • have CRB checked delivery drivers who always carry an official identity card
  • will help to pack the meals in your freezer if that is what you want
  • can deliver your order the next working day following your initial call
  • offer a range of payment methods including paying cash or cheque to the driver, monthly invoice (to you or an advocate) or taking credit and debit cards.

Additional help

If you feel that you need additional help with the heating of the meals, please contact us and we will be able to advise you about getting assistance. 

More information about preparing meals.

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