Personal licences

A personal licence is required for induviduals who may be engaged in making and authorising the sale or supply of alcohol.  Not every person retailing alcohol at premises licensed for that purpose will need a personal licence, but every sale or supply of alcohol must be at least authorised by such a licence holder. 


An applicant for a licence must apply to their local authority where they live.  Only one application can be made at any one time. 

You may apply for a personal licence if:

  • you are aged 18 or over
  • hold a licensing qualification accredited by the Secretary of State (or which is certified as if it is such a qualification or is considered equivalent) or is a person as prescribed by the Secretary of State by regulations
  • have not had a personal licence  forfeited within five years of an application
  • have not been convicted of any relevant or foreign offence.


Our current schedule of licensing fees


Change of name or address

Please print, complete and return the notification of change of name or address form  (personal licence holders).



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