Fireworks or mixed explosives licensing

If you intend to keep fireworks, or other explosives at a premises you must store them safely at all times and hold a storage licence.


You must apply for a storage licence from us if you intend  to store up to 2000kg of fireworks or explosives.

If you wish to store more than 2000kg of fireworks or explosives you should apply to the Health and Safety Executive.

We are not permitted to licence some types of explosives such as ammunition regulated by the Firearms Acts. An application to acquire and keep these products should be made to the police.

When you apply for a storage licence you are required to carry out a risk assessment to ensure that the storage is safe.  The Health and Safety Executive Fireworks Risk Assessment Checklist is available to help you carry out the risk assessment and plan what actions you need to take to protect the safety of your staff and customers.  

At the current time we will only be issuing one year or two year explosive storage licences. Only businesses which have a Primary Authority partnership can apply for a two year renewal licence. All other businesses should apply for a one year renewal licence.

All new applications will only be considered for a one year storage licence.

Please contact us if you have lost your licence, wish to vary it or need to transfer it to another person. These changes do carry a fee.


The Health and Safety Executive publish the current list of fees on their website. Please note the fee for a new application will be charged if your previous licence has been allowed to lapse.


If you wish to apply for a licence you can print out and complete the storage licence application form alternatively contact us for a copy.

Further advice

If you are a Bromley business and require further advice about fireworks or explosives licensing send us an email and an officer will contact you to discuss.

We can only help you if your business is located within the borough. If not, you must contact your local Trading Standards Department, whose details can be found through the ⁞Trading Standards Institute.

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