Temporary highway licences

Cherry picker

A Cherry Picker is the common name given to a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) that consists of a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting arm usually attached to a vehicle.

You will need a licence if you want to use a cherry picker on the public highway (unless part of contracted works from Bromley Council)

Please note this licence applies to where a Cherry Picker is creating a temporary and partial obstruction to the highway.  If the use of the Cherry Picker will prevent all road traffic from passing then a road closure application may be required.  

If any connected works involve a Streetworks permit , a temporary highway licence is required only if the cherry picker / crane is to be placed outside of the agreed works area, please check before applying.


Complete our cherry picker licence application form

Please allow 2 working days for your application to be processed.


A cherry picker licence costs £25 and is valid for a one day period and one location only.