Blue plaques in Bromley

We wish to recognise those citizens who have contributed to the world around them and locations of special importance. Plaques contribute to the creation of a `sense of place` in the specific local communities which make up our borough and portrays considerable historic connections with the arts, sciences, professions, social sciences and history.

How we select

The person should have:

  • a strong connection with Bromley, for example, by birth or death in the borough or by spending a significant part of their lives in the area.
  • been eminent within their own professions or vocation, or be notable personalities, locally, nationally or internationally.

We only erect commemorative plaques in respect of deceased individuals.  We also erect plaques to mark locations of special historic importance.

The building on which a plaque is to be erected must be seen from the road, and, where possible, be the original building.

Other organisation erect plaques and all those sited within Bromley are included in our directory of blue plaques


We welcome nominations from all sources; please make suggestions in writing to Bromley Council, Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, BR1 3UH