Parking dispensations/suspensions

Terms and conditions

Parking dispensations will only be issued where we are satisfied that no alternative parking options are available.  They are not intended to provide 'convenience' parking.

A parking dispensation can only be used in connection with a specific vehicle, purpose, date and location that has been prearranged.

The vehicle must be parked in a manner that does not create a hazard to pedestrians or other road users, does not obstruct sight lines at junctions and does not obstruct access or affect the free flow of traffic.

A parking dispensation does not allow parking in/on:

  • bays designated for disabled persons,
  • bays reserved for doctors, ambulances, taxis,
  • bus stop areas,
  • pay and display or permit bays,
  • areas that are subject to loading bans as indicated by yellow kerb markings,
  • footways or grass verges,
  • school zig zag markings during restricted hours, or
  • pedestrian crossing zig zags.