Crystal Palace Park - what next?

Crystal Palace Park is a 200 acre English Heritage Grade II* listed park which was once home to Sir Joseph Paxton's Crystal Palace , the structure which originally housed the Great Exhibition in1851.  

Investment plans

In July 2013, the ZhongRong Group announced their proposals for The Crystal Palace Project. The ZhongRong Group have appointed Arup as their representatives to begin work on developing the proposed scheme.

Find out more about Zhongrong Group's plans to rebuild the Crystal Palace as a major new cultural destination and full restoration of the park.

The council is involved in the early discussions around the development of these proposals as the landowner and planning authority. You can see details of questions asked about the council’s involvement with the proposals.


Crystal Palace Park requires significant financial investment to its infrastructure to ensure that it can be enjoyed by generations to come. Much of the underlying character and richness of the most significant aspects of the site are eroded, obscured and misunderstood. Examples include the fragmentation of the landscape, impact of developments within the site such as the National Sports Centre (NSC), loss of views, quality of hard and soft landscape, and the unrealised potential value of its habitats. Nevertheless the site is well used for a great range of recreational and sporting activities, and in recent years there has been an increase in partnership working between park users, the Friends of Crystal Palace Park, community organisations and the council to set out a strategy for the Park and encourage investment.  

Heritage Lottery Funding

In 1999, the park was awarded £4.4m from the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore 40% of the landscape and infrastructure.  However, further investment is needed to restore, conserve, protect and develop the remaining elements of the park.

London Development Agency Masterplan

London Development Agency commissioned Latz + Partner (a landscape architecture firm) to carry out extensive public consultation and create a landscape Masterplan for the park.  The Masterplan applications for planning permission, Conservation Area Consent and Listed Building Consent were submitted in November 2007. 

The vision was to rejuvenate Crystal Palace Park as a metropolitan park, heritage asset, cultural, leisure, educational and recreational resource to meet the needs of the local people, sports people whether elite or amateur, and the public at large. 

The Masterplan includes the diversely characterized parts of the park and makes detailed proposals for the existing historical features and buildings such as the National Sports Centre and proposed gateways, new facilities like glasshouses, a museum, amenities’ buildings etc. It integrates an interconnected ecological water system operated by gravity and solar energy.

Governance of Crystal Palace Park

The approved Masterplan for Crystal Palace Park requires consideration to be given to the mechanism by which the Masterplan can be implemented and the need to attract significant external support and funding whilst retaining and increasing the support of local residents, interest groups and associations.

Bromley Council recognises that an alternative approach to the management of the park is required, to ensure that it is enjoyed for generations to come.  This proposal is outlined in more detail in the Proposed Governance of Crystal Palace Park committee report.

Crystal Palace Park Management Board

In recognition of the complexities of the park's history, and the diverse range of parties that have an interest in the future of the park, the Crystal Palace Park management board was established in October 2011 and the Crystal Palace Management Board Executive on 13 February 2012.  

The board explores opportunities for the future management, restoration, development and protection of Crystal Palace Park ; recognising the site's multi-faceted historical significance and creating an environment which is valued and admired by local people and visitors alike. More information can be found in the terms of reference and board structure chart.

The Crystal Palace Park management board has created and is implementing a Five Year Action Plan. 

View the minutes from Crystal Palace Executive and Site Management meetings.

Crystal Palace Park Community Stakeholder Group

The primary aim of the Crystal Palace Park Stakeholder Group is to explore opportunities for the management, restoration, development and protection of Crystal Palace Park by: 

  • investigating, reporting on and, on approval, delivering options for events, funding, site projects, marketing and publicity, and social investment – in conjunction with the Crystal Palace Park Executive Project Board  
  • forming relationships with the local community and other interested groups
  • feeding back views from the community and Community Stakeholder Group to the Crystal Palace Park Executive Project Board

View the minutes from Crystal Palace Community Stakeholder Group.

Crystal Palace Park Heritage and Environment Group

The Crystal Palace Park Heritage and Environment Group will investigate, report and, on approval, deliver options for

  • site projects including restoration, conservation and protection of the park’s heritage features and landscape features;
  • interpretation of the parks heritage and landscape features; and
  • marketing and publicity.

View the minutes from Crystal Palace Heritage and Environment Stakeholder Group.

The Future

Out of this process, and building on the work undertaken through the Masterplan consultation and subsequent Masterplan planning application, a list of key projects forming a first phase of park restoration was developed, that would bring the most impact to the park and uphold the vision and spirit of the LDA Masterplan. In October 2012 the Council and the Greater London Authority endorsed the 10 point plan and presented the list to the community at the Crystal Palace Park Community Conference.

The council are now seeking funding for this first phase of park improvements.

Help us regenerate Crystal Palace Park

If you would like to find out more about the Management Board and the ongoing regeneration project please email us.  If you would like to get involved with park regeneration then email or visit Crystal Palace Park Community Stakeholder Group website