E-Tendering at Bromley

As part of our on-going commitment to increasing efficiency in all areas of the procurement process and to facilitate easier access to tendering opportunities for all potential contractors, we are phasing in the implementation of an e-tendering solution.  

The system we have chosen is called ProContract and is an internet based application; you therefore only need a PC or laptop and access to the internet to participate. It will enable an entire tender to be securely carried out electronically using the internet.

The council's contract procedure rules require that a full tender exercise is carried out for goods/services with a contract value of over fifty thousand pounds. Bromley will also be using ProContract to facilitate Request for Quotation (RFQ) for goods/services with values between five thousand and fifty thousand pounds.

What does this mean to you? 

 ProContract will enable you to register your interest online and to download either the Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire (PQQ) or tender document as applicable. Your completed PQQ or tender is uploaded back to ProContract electronically, along with any required additional documents. The submitted tenders are held securely until the due date, when the tender is closed and the responses opened and assessed.

The system will allow you to save and amend a draft version of your tender or PQQ before submitting it. You can also amend your document once it has been submitted. In addition, you can ask any questions relating to the tender online through ProContract.

Tender opportunities  

Tender opportunities from selected service areas (currently Health and Social Care with additional departments being phased in over time) will be posted onto the London Tenders Procurement Portal. Advertisements for tenders being run through ProContract will have a link to the London Tenders Portal; other tenders will have contact details as appropriate and will still be paper based.

What you need to do

Registering with ProContract is free of charge to contractors. ProContract is accessed through the London Tenders Procurement Portal, where you can also see tender opportunities for all the other London Boroughs who are using ProContract.  

You will need to enter the 'Suppliers' Area' of the site to register, where in addition to your details you will be asked to enter the category of work or services you provide. Once you have done this, you will receive an e-mail alert when any opportunity is posted to the site that matches your category, either from Bromley or any of the participating London boroughs.

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