Tendering for council contracts

Tendering for council contracts

Local authority tendering and contracting is strictly governed by Contract Procedure Rules, Financial Regulations and the relevant EU Procurement Directives where applicable. It is all fully transparent and is based on genuine and fair competition.

When a contract is due for renewal an advertisement is placed on the tendering opportunities page, in a local newspaper and where applicable, a trade publication. Where the tender is being run electronically using ProContract it will also appear on the London Tenders Portal.

If the total contract value exceeds the appropriate EU thresholds it must also be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Please note however that contracts for works and services included on the Council's approved list of contractors are not subject to this procedure unless they exceed the EU threshold.

There are two main procedures for tendering:

  • Open tendering
    A one-stage procedure where all interested contractors receive tender documents and can submit a tender accordingly. The advertisement will state where tender documents are obtained and the tender return date.

  • Restricted tendering
    This is a two-stage procedure where a shortlist of potential contractors is drawn up before tender documents are issued. The advertisement invites expressions of interest and potential contractors are vetted both technically and financially by means of a Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire (PQQ) before the list is drawn up. Tender documents are then sent only to contractors included on the list. The advertisement will state where to send initial expressions of interest and the tender return date.

There is also a third tendering procedure known as Negotiated Tendering. This is not as widely used as the two methods described above and is only used under specific circumstances, ie where there is a case of extreme urgency, there is only one supplier in the given market or where received tenders have been deemed inappropriate.

Submitting tenders

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