Bromley Council Budget 2017-18

Residents' associations meeting 28 November - topics discussed

The purpose of the meeting was to engage representatives of residents’ associations across the borough in a public consultation process on priorities for the council’s budget for 2017/18 and beyond.

Following an introduction by Councillor Stephen Carr, Leader of the Council, about some of the issues and choices to be made around the council’s budget for 2017/18 and beyond, questions and issues were raised by the representatives of residents’ associations. These were responded to by the Leader and members of the council’s Executive. 

Topics covered included:


  • Lobby Central Government to improve the funding allocation to the Local Authority.
  • Ensure the council has access to relevant expertise to support its investment programme.
  • Ensure that a robust contract monitoring programme is in place to monitor the performance of external contractors.
  • Ensure value for money is achieved and contractors are held accountable for any deficiencies in services.
  • Monitor the future financial landscape in the borough.

Sustainability and environment 

  • Lobby TfL for increased funding for road safety schemes
  • Cleanliness and regularity of street cleaning and monitoring of the contract
  • Use of Fix my Street.
  • Better advertising of the Community Toilet Scheme.
  • Notify Residents’ Associations when streets are due to be cleaned to help to encourage cars to be moved to enable better cleaning.
  • Further rollout of “Friends” voluntary schemes to cover areas such as litter picking.
  • Continue to improve air quality in the Borough.
  • Improve facilities for cyclists.

Social Care

  • Consider converting Council owned buildings into social housing.


  • Improve the quality of planning processes and ensure there is sufficient resource within the service.
  • Provide more explanation and justification for the felling of trees in conservation areas.
  • More consultation with Friends Groups when planning applications affect parks, rivers etc and have biodiversity implications. 

Economic Development and Town centres 

  • Consider the impact of any new businesses coming into the area on existing infrastructure and services.
  • Reduce bureaucracy for new businesses coming into the area.
  • Encourage and support local smaller shopping centres and parades.
  • Ensure surveys are undertaken before parking metres are installed.
  • Consider not working through developers for the regeneration of town centres and instead working directly with larger businesses.
  • Enforcement of parking restrictions.


  • Continue to monitor and address pressures around secondary school places.
The Leader of the Council thanked the representatives of residents’ associations for contributing to the consultation process and noted that any further comments could be provided to him at
This meeting was held on 28 November 2016.