Regeneration of the park

Current improvement scheme

Bromley Council and the Mayor of London agreed in 2014 to invest £2.4million in park improvements. These improvements include: the building of a new cafe and skatepark, landscaping and the removal of some disused structures, and the conservation of the Grade I listed dinosaurs and Grade II listed sphinxes. Work on the dinosaurs and sphinxes has been completed, and work on the café and skatepark will start this summer.

The council is using the 2007 Masterplan as a guide to our step-by-step programme of regeneration. 

Tendering opportunity park café

Tenders are invited for the fit out and operation of a new café in Crystal Palace Park on a ten year lease basis.

This unique opportunity also includes a licence to operate a mobile catering unit in the park up until the completion of the café building in summer 2018.

More details about this opportunity and how to apply.

New skatepark designs revealed

As part of the improvement scheme, construction has now begun on the  new skatepark. The skatepark, which is being designed and built by Canvas Skateparks Ltd, will feature an advanced tile-and-coping cloverleaf pool – the first in London for 40 years. The skatepark consists of an extended 100 metre long and 11 metre wide curved concrete band, filled with a wide range of rideable terrains which include the cloverleaf pool, an L-shaped steel-coping bowl and a large mellow section, aimed at those of all abilities and riding styles. BMX, quad-skating, rollerblading, scootering and skateboarding have all been considered in this design, and riders of all ages and abilities will be very welcome.

The Crystal Palace Skatepark Friends group has been set up, and the skatepark is due to open this winter.

3D visualisations of the Crystal Palace Skatepark

3D visualization of Crystal Palace skatepark

3D visualization of Crystal Palace skatepark

Water based dinosaurs conserved

The second phase of work on the dinosaurs began in autumn 2016 and seven of the water-based sculptures have undergone major conservation by Skillington Workshop. In addition, smart new interpretation panels have been installed – come and visit to find out more...

Our long-term vision 

A place of fun and recreation in the spirit of Paxton's vision celebrating excellence in landscape and horticulture, providing facilities and events in keeping with a park of international significance.

Regeneration Plan

The council committed resources in March 2014 to bring to fruition further aspects of the Masterplan. The Regeneration Plan is not a new plan, but an updated version of the 2007 Masterplan, that is achievable within the resources available. It is a strategy that includes three interlinked plans:

  • the physical regeneration of the park
  • a new business model
  • a new form of governance

To find out more read the information boards from our recent community event.

Find out more about the Crystal Palace Park Executive Project Board and the new Shadow Board

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