Regeneration of the park

Crystal Palace Park Executive Project Board

In recognition of the complexities of the park's history, and the diverse range of parties that have an interest in the future of the park, the Crystal Palace Park Executive Project Board was established on 13 February 2012.

The board explores opportunities for the future management, restoration, development and protection of Crystal Palace Park; recognising the site's multi-faceted historical significance and creating an environment which is valued and admired by local people and visitors alike. More information can be found in the terms of reference and board structure chart.

View the minutes from Crystal Palace Executive meetings.

Shadow Board 

This board, formed in autumn 2016 will shadow the council’s development of the Regeneration Plan for Crystal Palace Park until the board formalises itself and takes over the management of the park from the council. 

The board’s management of the park will be subject to the development of a sustainable business model which will be reliant on the park’s regeneration and the development of new and increased income streams. 

To date the board has acted as a key stakeholder in the review of the developing Regeneration Plan, and has influenced the direction the park’s regeneration will take. The board will continue to work with the council to shape the park’s regeneration and be a key decision maker.

The board is made up of nine local people with exceptional skills, experience and knowledge in a range of fields from planning, to law. All members were recruited through a competitive process with a focus on setting up a board with all the skills required to successfully manage the park in the future.

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