Key stage 2 (KS2) courses

Photography without cameras (KS2)*

Photographs are not only made without using cameras but the pictures are developed without using a darkroom!


Reflection, shadows, shapes, strength and duration of light are some of the variables addressed when the pupils set up an experiment using light to make their pictures. The day becomes more and more creative as they learn the various techniques for example developer landscapes, nappy cream batik and all the pictures can be taken away the same day.

Areas covered

  • introduction to close observation of different materials 
  • awareness activities to aid in observation 
  • collection of natural materials
  • use of light to set up photogram - experiment
  • different techniques 
  • There are many more ideas and possibilities that could be studied so do please discuss with us first and we can design a suitable course.

    National Curriculum links

    Attainment Target (AT) 1
    Discuss and plan the enquiry - physically experience and see the
    environment and encourage questioning AT 1a, b, 2a, b, c, d

    Collect evidence with appropriate data records - data logging
    equipment where relevant AT 1, 2e, f, g, h

    Analyse data using IT where appropriate
    Bar charts, line graphs AT 1, 2h

    Draw conclusions discussing limitations AT 1, 2i, j, k, l, m

    Also AT 4: 3a, b, c that light cannot pass through some materials and how this leads to the formation of shadows

    Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA) relevance:
    Science units: 3B, 3C, 3F, 5E, 5/6H
    IT unit 5F         


    A minimum of two classes is required for the half day option