Food business registration

When starting a new food business or taking over an existing one, it is very important to get it right from the beginning, because it will make thing much easier for you in the long run. A bad experience or food poisoning can be particularly damaging to a new businesses, and word can spread very quickly. We want all new food businesses to be successful. Therefore we will offer as much free advice and assistance as we can, on all aspects of opening a food business including:  

  • requirements relating to suitability of premises, layout, design and construction
  • structural alterations or improvements that may be necessary
  • requirements relating to the control of food hazards
  • requirements relating to staff training and personal hygiene
  • food storage facilities
  • issues relating to general food hygiene and best practice, and
  • labelling.

If you are planning on a new kitchen, or changing an existing kitchen one, we will look at any plans, and arrange to meet you at the proposed premises to offer on-site advice. 

When you look at purchasing a new premises for a food business, or plan to do structural works to an existing business. We recommend you check with the planning department for the relevant permission, either for a change of use or for extending or altering existing premises.

After contacting us, you will be sent a new food business information pack which contains a guidance note and booklets, designed to help you if are intending to start up a food business.

We would much rather work with you from the initial planning stages, than inspect you once you have opened and find that things do not meet current requirements.

Further advice on starting up a new catering business please visit the Food Standards Agency website. 

Food safety team


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