Aircraft noise

If you are bothered about aircraft noise, we can help you by offering advice. We are affected by noise from aircraft which fly overhead at both low and high altitude. The aircraft originate from Biggin Hill Airport in the south of the Borough, as well as London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London City Airports which are all outside the Borough.


Aircraft in flight are exempt from the normal Environmental Protection legislation and therefore we cannot take legal action against individual pilots. 

Aircraft from various airports fly over the Borough and in some areas are often noisy. In most cases, aircraft do not give rise to complaints unless they are lower or louder than normal or are larger than people are used to. Aircraft noise over the Borough usually originates from:  

  • London Heathrow, usually from planes landing and flying westerly (below 3000 feet)
  • London Gatwick, usually from planes taking off and flying north (over 5000 feet)
  • London City, usually from planes at low altitude (below 3000 feet)
  • Biggin Hill, from aircraft landing and taking off (any altitude)
  • other aircraft at cruising altitude (over 35000 feet)

Although the noise output from individual aircraft has been reducing steadily over the past 20 years or so, the number of aircraft has increased, and the number flying at night has also increased.

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