Pre-application planning advice

We offer a pre - application advice service for planning applications which can help you to prepare a proposal for the best chance of success and also advise on revisions following determination of applications. 

You will need to complete the relevant pre-application advice form and submit along with required drawings / documents (set out on each application form) and appropriate fee.

Forms and costs 

Pre-application advice forms

Form and guidance for major development proposals

(residential development of 10 or more units/on sites of 0.5 hectares+ , other developments of 1000m² or more/on sites of 1.0 hectares+, mineral extraction or EIA development)

Form and guidance for householder and all other non-major proposals

Non major pre-application responses will be provided in writing and a site visit carried out as required. The non-major service does not include a meeting but officers will ask for further information if required to provide a full response. 

Pre-application advice fees

Pre application advice schedule of fees


Once you have completed your application form you can submit the pre application documents and pay the fee online.

Once you make your payment please make sure that you provide the payment reference with your application so that we can match the payment with your application as quickly as possible. 

Validation Guidance and Local Information requirements 

You may also wish to view our Validation Guidance and Local Information Requirements for planning applications to help you prepare your application.

Planning permission 

If you require information about whether planning permission is required this is not available via the pre-application advice service, however there is more information about permitted development.



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