About food waste liners

Why are we selling liners

Simply to recover the costs of supplying them.  At just £2 per roll for 50 liners - that's only 4p each - this is substantially cheaper than other suppliers such as supermarkets, around half the price. We are pro-actively engaging with all local retailers in an effort to drive the currently charged price lower. You can buy our liners from any library in the borough and from the Civic Centre.

Food waste liner prices
 Supplier  Cost per bag  Cost per roll  Bags per roll
London Borough of Bromley 4p £2.00 50
Asda 12.5p £2.50 20
Tesco 11.4p £2.99 25
Amazon 7.65p £3.95 52
Sainsbury 27.5p £2.75 10
Waitrose 15p £2.99 20

Prices correct at April  2014

Is newspaper really an option

Yes, food can be wrapped in newspaper and placed in the outside container and this is perfectly acceptable.

My neighbour is using carrier bags

They shouldn't be. Please ask them to stop doing so. Where we see this happening, we will not empty the bin. 

But I've seen you collect carrier bags

The waste crews shouldn't be but occasionally mistakes will happen.  Plastic bags cannot be composted and will contaminate all the food waste collected which could mean it has to be sent to landfill rather than being recycled. 

I'm getting through loads of liners

It's just a thought, but if you have a garden and don't have one already, you might want to get a compost bin as this could take peelings and other organic matter and this would reduce the numbers of liners you are using.  There are discounted deals available - call 0845 130 6090 or http://www.getcomposting.com/ for a compost bin at just £10 + £5.49 delivery.  Alternatively have you considered reviewing how much food you buy and how much the waste is costing you? http://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/ gives some excellent tips on how to reduce the amount of food waste we throw away. 

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