Have we missed your collection?

If we have missed your waste or recycling collection, please let us know. We want to find out why so we can improve the service. We will also return to collect it.


Please make sure that your collection has really been missed. There are reasons why your waste or recyclables may have been missed.

  • Sometimes we have problems gaining access to particular properties (flats) or roads (cul-de-sacs) and this may have prevented your collection 
  • Was your waste at edge of curtilage before 7am?
  • The collection crew could be behind schedule

With the recycling collection service, up to three separate vehicles will visit your property to collect the different types of recycling. They do not arrive at the same time.

Report online

Please report your missed collection to us within 2 days of your normal collection day.  You can also report an ongoing problem with your waste or recycling collection - for instance, if your waste has been missed on a number of occasions.

Recycling and waste management

Tel: 0300 303 8658

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