Walk on Wednesday - WoW

This scheme aims to reduce traffic congestion at peak times and help improve the health and fitness of pupils within Bromley.

WoW encourages children and their parents not to use their cars for one day of the week as part of their school's travel plan. We encourage children to walk once a week - or more. Where the child lives too far from the school to walk the whole way, we would encourage pupils to park a distance away from the school and stride the rest of the way.

What's involved

Children record when they walk to school on wall charts or postcards. At the end of each month their class teacher calculates how many children have completed the minimum 4 walks each month. Those pupils are awarded a special footprint shaped badge. These badges change design and colour each month and pupils in Bromley take part in a London wide competition to design the badges each year.

This scheme has been running each academic year since 2004. It is very successful with over 15, 000 pupils participating from 82 schools each month.

WOW is offered to all schools in the borough that have school travel plans.

School travel plans


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