Online first - parking advice for appeals

Published Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A new online interactive guidance facility to help motorists with their parking appeals has now gone live.

Bromley and Bexley are proud to be the first councils in the UK to provide this new online system developed by Barbour Logic and beta-tested in partnership with the shared Bromley and Bexley Parking Service.  For the first time ever, motorists appealing against a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will know in advance the likely outcome of their appeal with a full explanation.  This is the most significant change yet in the way councils deal with PCN appeals and it demonstrates how the Parking Service for Bromley/Bexley is open and transparent.

Councillor Colin Smith, Bromley’s Executive Councillor for Environment said: “Bromley Council has always encouraged ticketed motorists who feel hard done by to appeal and we will of course continue to always abide by the arbitrator’s decision.  This innovative new development is designed and intended to assist those contemplating doing so, arrive at their decision in a more fully informed manner in future. We are hopeful that in addition to serving motorists with a genuine reason to appeal, it will also help others before they decide to enter what can sometimes be a very stressful process on a purely speculative basis”.

Jason Barbour, Managing Director of Barbour Logic, added: “We’re delighted to launch Response Master Self-Serve with the forward-thinking London Boroughs of Bromley and Bexley. The interactive system learns from users, understands parking and knows the councils’ policies. Which means motorists can get on-the-spot answers and advice, saving them time and stress.”

Bromley and Bexley Councils receive approximately 23,000 and 12,000 appeals per annum, respectively.  Motorists have been able to appeal online against penalties issued in these boroughs for a number of years.  The latest improvement being access to the new online guidance, which allows the motorist to interact and find out the likely outcome of an appeal and where appropriate, the type of evidence required to consider it further.


Editor’s notes: The London Boroughs of Bromley and Bexley merged their Parking Service sections to form a shared service on 1 April 2013.  All Penalty Charge Notice processing and operational management for both boroughs is undertaken at their base in Bromley.

Barbour Logic are the creators of Response Master, a highly specialised, award-winning system used by councils and the public to answer queries about Penalty Charge Notices.

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