Regulations for landlords to fit smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Published Tuesday, 29 September 2015

From the beginning of October all private landlords must fit smoke detectors!

From the beginning of October all private landlords must fit smoke detectors on each floor of a tenanted dwelling and ensure they are tested and working correctly at the beginning of each tenancy. This is under The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015, which comes into effect on October 1.

Tenants are then responsible for testing the alarms and making sure they work properly. If they find an alarm is faulty or not working for any reason they should liaise with the landlord to address this.

In addition landlords must also ensure carbon monoxide detectors or alarms are in place in any room of a tenanted property where there is a solid fuel burning appliance. The regulations relate to most privately rented property with some minor exemptions.

If a landlord fails to meet their responsibilities under the Act, the Council may serve a notice for the work to be carried out. Failure to comply will see the Council arranging for this remedial work, as long as the occupier consents. Where this happens Bromley Council may serve a penalty charge notice on the landlord of up to £5000. Landlords and tenants can find out more information and guidance about the regulations from the Government’s Department of Communities and Local Government website or visit


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