Sundridge Avenue has re-opened but Thames Water continue to work at the scene

Published Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sundridge Avenue has re-opened after being closed this morning at the junction with Elmstead Lane and Logs Hill. Ice had formed across part of the road, with water coming from a nearby water leak.

The council had salted this road overnight along with other priority routes in light of the freezing road temperatures that had been forecast across the Borough but a water leak from a hydrant near Mavelstone Road/Hill Brow meant that water leaked across the verge, onto and across the road, with ice forming.

The water washed away the salt laid by the gritting crew, which cannot and was not designed to cope with a water leak, with ice then subsequently forming. Thames Water were called to the scene this morning to investigate the problem and they have confirmed the leak at the hydrant and have extensively salted the road, repair works are continuing and the traffic is now able to travel along Sundridge Avenue in both directions.