Blue Badge misuse leads to four more criminal convictions

Published Thursday, 27 April 2017

Another four drivers have been convicted of Blue Badge misuse and ordered to pay fines totalling £1,530 including court costs and surcharges.

These latest convictions are the result of investigations for incidents which occurred between November 2016 and January 2017. The number of successful prosecutions for this offence since the beginning of 2016 is 30.  

Councillor Colin Smith, Executive Councillor for Environment said, “Our campaign to protect the Blue Badge Scheme remains ongoing with hundreds of Blue Badge checks taking place throughout the borough every day.  Our officers are trained to spot fake or altered badges and can very quickly identify a cancelled badge.  To avoid a fine and a criminal record, drivers should never risk displaying a Blue Badge when the holder is not present or nearby, or be tempted to display a cancelled badge.”  

Councillor Smith continued, “I really would encourage any driver minded to try and cheat the system in Bromley to think very carefully indeed before doing so. You might save yourself a few pounds here and there in the short term, but you will get caught, you will be prosecuted and you will then receive a criminal record and be left worrying about all manner of things in everyday life in terms of reputation, work and insurance, etc.”   

“I ask you. Is it really worth all that risk and hassle?”  

All four drivers who recently appeared at Bromley Magistrates Court pleaded guilty.  In three of the cases; Ms Alexandra Chart from Paddock Wood, Mr Mohammed Sheikh from Norbury, and Mrs Lynda Davis from Kidbrooke  displayed a Blue Badge to benefit from the scheme’s parking concessions in the absence of the badge holder, whose whereabouts could not be established. The fourth driver; Mrs Sylvia Morris from Chislehurst, displayed her husband’s Blue Badge which had been cancelled several weeks earlier due to his death.  

Blue Badge misuse is a criminal offence which can lead to a £1,000 fine and confiscation of the badge.  Anyone who suspects that a blue badge is being used for the benefit of a person who is not the badge holder can report their concerns at:


Editor's Notes

  • The date of the hearings was 19 April 2017  
  • Defendants’ details: 
  • Ms Alexandra Chart of Buttercup Close, Paddock Wood, Kent.  £40 fine, £300 prosecution costs and £30 surcharge – total £370. 
  • Mr Mohammed Sheikh of Pollards Hill, Norbury, London.  £131 fine, £300 prosecution costs and a £30 surcharge – total £461. 
  • Mrs Lynda Davis of Halton Court, 2 Saundby Lane, Kidbrooke, London.   £40 fine, £300 prosecution costs, £30 surcharge – total £370 
  • Mrs Sylvia Morris of Clarendon Way, Chislehurst, Kent.  £54 fine, £245 prosecution costs, £30 victim surcharge – total £329 
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