Tribunal finds in favour of council on most issues raised by claimant

Published Tuesday, 14 November 2017

An employment tribunal found overwhelmingly in favour of Bromley Council in a recent employment tribunal.

The tribunal concerned claims of victimisation lodged by a union about the alleged treatment of a council employee and union secretary.

Forty-seven issues were raised by Unite on behalf of Miss Kathy Smith grouped into four claims. One issue was settled before the hearing, a number withdrawn by the claimant with two further issues being found by the panel to amount to a detriment to Miss Smith.

The hearing took place in Ashford over a three week period from Monday 2 October. Now both parties must seek a final settlement on the two issues within 28 days of the judgment. If agreement cannot be reached, the Tribunal will arrange a remedy hearing on the two issues only.

Councillor Graham Arthur, Executive Member for Resources said: 

“On balance, the council is very pleased with the outcome, despite the Employment Tribunal finding against us on just three issues - including one issue which was settled before the hearing - of the 47 issues tabled.

“The fact that Unite the Trade Union’s untrue and misleading claims that Bromley Council mistreats whistle-blowers as well as any suggestion that Miss Smith was being bullied in any way have been completely dismissed, fully vindicates and supports what the council has advised everybody of since day one of this very lengthy process and we are delighted that the fundamental truth is now out for all to see.

“The fact that the employment tribunal actually went so far as to observe that “the deliberate attempt to deceive the respondent (Bromley Council) did not reflect well on the union” sums up the situation perfectly.

“Finally, I wish to strongly reaffirm that Bromley Council values its staff, our greatest asset, and that we will continue to ensure they remain effectively represented and their views continue to be heard, despite the siren claims to the contrary from Unite”


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