Bromley South to Shortlands cycling and walking improvements

Published Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A new shared path to Shortlands rail station for pedestrians and cyclists is being proposed.

The route along Queen Anne Avenue, Hillside Road and Valley Road will involve upgrading the northern pavement with a better quality surface and including new signage.  

The project will also include improved pedestrian crossing points at key locations along the route. The shared path will form part of a longer route linking to Bromley town centre and Bromley South Station.  

Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Executive Councillor for Environment said, “There is evidence to suggest that where quality infrastructure has been installed, that this increases walking and cycling, which can have a positive impact on local congestion.  Walking to local amenities could also increase their vibrancy and a sense of community. This complements work we’re proposing as part of our quietways initiative, where we’re looking to create easygoing alternatives for those residents wishing to give cycling a go or to walk and cycle more.  The emphasis is on routes to local amenities which are unthreatening and this is an example which will take cyclists and pedestrians to the nearby Shortlands station and local shops.”  

The route is proposed to be built in spring 2018 and complements other cycling improvements in the borough including the proposed Lower Sydenham to Bromley Quietway route which also serves Shortlands and Bromley Town Centre. 


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