Homesdale Road closed for weekend essential crane operation work

Published Thursday, 7 June 2018

Homesdale Road is closed to northbound traffic (travelling towards Page Heath Lane) at the junction of Masons Hill/Bromley Common A21 this weekend, on Saturday 9 June and Sunday 10 June.

The road is closed for essential crane operation work which has been needed for construction work in Homesdale Road, near to the junction with Masons Hill.

The work basically will facilitate the crane being removed from the site, which requires extensive access to and work on the road.  This work has already been delayed due to high wind weather forecasts, street works on the diversion routes and to avoid conflicting with nearby street party related events following the Royal wedding. 

Homesdale Road will still be open for traffic travelling south on Homesdale Road towards Bromley Common/Masons Hill A21 but only one lane will be open, with right hand turns from Homesdale Road into Masons Hill temporarily banned to ease congestion, with delays nonetheless expected.

Northbound traffic will be diverted via the two following diversions depending on the direction of traffic: 

Diversion 1: - Masons Hill A21, Kentish Way A21, Widmore Road A222, Bickley Road A222, Page Heath Lane – in both directions 

Diversion 2: - Bromley Common A21, Crown Lane Spur, Crown Lane, Southborough Lane, Southborough Road, Bickley Park Road A222, Page Heath Lane – in both directions 

As soon as the work is completed, the road will reopen, with the work being completed sometime on Sunday.