Bromley South commuters have a shorter walk

Published Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The new changes to stopping points for trains at Bromley South now mean that commuters have a shorter walk leaving the station.

The so-called stopping points at the borough’s busiest rail station were revised by Network Rail at the beginning of the year.  This followed safety related incidents last year which resulted in carriages on longer trains not stopping at the platform.  To reduce the risk of future incidents, four and eight carriage trains then stopped at the same point on the platform, resulting in four carriage trains stopping further along the platform.  

Platforms 2 and 4 will soon see the 4-car stop mark reinstated, enabling passengers to leave the station without the additional walk along the platform.  The existing 5-8 car stop marks becoming 6-8 car stops, and the 10-12 stop car marks remaining the same.  

“It has made absolutely no sense to the travelling public to see their train consistently stop so far down the platform, furthest away from the exit in recent times. I would therefore like to thank South Eastern for listening meaningfully to our concerns and lobbying over the months and for reinstating these common sense changes. I am absolutely certain that very many other rail users will feel the same way too” said Councillor Colin Smith, Executive Councillor for Environment.     

Bromley South railway station is a major interchange and with a recorded use of around 5.8 million passenger visits, is one of outer London’s busiest train stations. 


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