Committee approves plans for court injunction near Waste4Fuel site

Published Monday, 7 April 2014

A court injunction to stop illegal dumping of waste on Green Belt land by a waste transfer site is being urgently sought by the council.

The news follows a Planning Sub Committee last Thursday where it was heard that the boundaries of the Waste 4 Fuel site in Orpington have been breached and rubbish has been dumped to more than a metre high on to adjoining Green Belt land without planning permission. 

The Committee also heard that there were further concerns that continued harmful expansion could take place.  The Environment Agency legal action at the waste transfer site itself is currently ongoing.  

“We are committed to protecting important Green Belt land from illegal fly tipping and will take legal action against those that that commit these offences.  The Environment Agency is the licencing authority for the waste transfer site itself and while there have been ongoing issues here, we are determined to halt further unauthorised expansion on to adjoining land, restoring it to its original appearance at the cost of the land owner and will not tolerate dumping” said Councillor Alexa Michael, Chairman of Planning Sub Committee.  

Councillor Colin Smith, Executive Councillor for Environment said, “We have always promised that the council would intervene at the earliest practical opportunity that it could and this action evidences the fact.  This black farce needs to end and end now.  It is not without a degree of irony that the illegally deposited waste in question now occupies the same site which once hosted the wantonly destroyed ‘protected’ trees of several years ago. Those responsible need to understand that unlawful activity of this nature simply isn’t going be tolerated in our borough.”  

The next steps will include applying to the County Court for the injunction, where, if successful, action will be taken to remove the waste and restore the land to its original appearance.  The illegal dumped waste has amassed to over a metre high on to the land adjacent to Cornwall Drive and is clearly visible from the surrounding area.  


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