Council says thank you to volunteers

Published Friday, 17 July 2015

The Mayor, Justine Godbeer and Barry McDonald. Volunteers thanked, July 2015 press release.

Civic Reception held for voluntary workers in the borough.

The Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Kim Botting, held a Civic Reception for voluntary workers in the borough on Thursday, 16 July. The annual event, held in the evening at the Civic Centre, was to say thank you to residents for giving their valuable time for the good of the Bromley community, often fitting volunteering around already busy lives. The Deputy Mayor, Alan Collins, the Chief Executive, Doug Patterson, the Leader, Councillor Stephen Carr and many Councillors also attended the event.

Said the Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Kim Botting:

“It is a great honour to host this important event. This borough has a strong and proud tradition of volunteering and it is one of the things that make Bromley such a special place to live. This Civic Reception is just one way we can pay tribute to the contribution our residents make through volunteering, whether it’s through our voluntary organisations, community groups or through Council initiatives such as our Friends’ groups.”

The Mayor went on to talk about the vital contribution volunteers make to the charities she has chosen to support this year. The first is Connect, which helps people with Aphasia, a disability affecting all ages caused by damage to the communication centre of the brain, usually by a stroke but also from a brain haemorrhage, head injury or tumour. The second is the National Brain Appeal. This is linked to Connect and is dedicated to raising essential funds for the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square, London.

Said volunteer Justine Godbeer, Campaigns and Development Officer for Bromley Experts by Experience, a user-led organisation for deaf, disabled people and carers in Bromley:

“It was wonderful to be at this event and celebrate volunteering.  I felt so inspired. Meeting other volunteers made me realise how so many people in the borough are giving their time in such varied ways to help others. For me volunteering is so rewarding, it plays a crucial role in giving back to our community and is a brilliant way to gain experience that can result in job opportunities.”

In 2012 the Council approved an ‘Active Citizens’ initiative that has been expanding and signposting the varied opportunities for volunteering in Bromley.

Pictures show: 

•The Mayor, Justine Godbeer and Barry McDonald