Council Leader warns changes are inevitable

Published Monday, 3 November 2014

Bromley Council Leader Councillor Stephen Carr is telling residents that the Council has to make dramatic changes as it can no longer afford to do everything in the way it has done in the past.

He is calling for residents to take part in an online survey before 7 December so senior councillors are aware of residents’ priorities when difficult decisions have to be made about the budget for 2015/16 and beyond. The Council has to save more than £60 million over the next four years from an annual net budget of just over £200 million. This is in addition to substantial savings already made over the past few years. 

In an open letter to residents, Councillor Carr explained: “A much smaller council will mean we will all have to do things in a different way. Taking more responsibility within our families and communities so that those who need our services most will be able to get the help they need. It will inevitably come down to a combination of paying more council tax and ceasing to provide some services. Rest assured we continue to drive out inefficiencies and work to maximise our income as well as arguing strongly for a fairer government funding deal for our borough. We are proud of our robust financial management, but efficiencies alone will not bridge the budget gap we are anticipating over the next few years.”

As well as the online survey, there will be round table sessions with residents’ association chairmen and chairwomen and
public meetings:

Evening meeting:
7pm-8.30pm, Thursday 20 November – Orpington Methodist Church BR6 9JH

Daytime meeting:
11am -12.30pm, Friday 28 November – Bromley Civic Centre BR1 3UH

Background information and the survey are at