Cafe culture to help living with dementia

Published Thursday, 22 January 2015

In 2015 there will be 850,000 living in the UK with dementia.

A key priority for Bromley Council is continuing to work closely with its partners and experts in the field to make sure those living with dementia can get the right services, support and help to live as well as possible with the condition. 

On January 9 the UK’s first full-time dementia-friendly café was opened in Bromley town centre by Mission Care, a provider of nursing care for the elderly and those living with the effects of dementia in Bromley.  The café is based in The Mall, a stone’s throw from the high street.  The café makes everyone welcome but there is a special focus on providing a safe, relaxed and supportive environment for people living with dementia.  It also provides support for carers, family members and friends through trained staff and volunteers as well as from specialist partner organisations.

The Council is also supporting a national campaign run by the Alzheimer’s Society to encourage people to become Dementia Friends and find out how it affects those with the condition and the little things we can do to help make their lives easier.

Councillor Robert Evans, Executive Member for Care Services said:  “I am very proud the UK’s first full-time dementia-friendly café has opened in Bromley.  We fund and work closely with our partners to improve the care and experience of those living with dementia.  Having facilities such as this in the heart of the community has a positive impact in reducing the stigma and fear associated with the condition and gives people the confidence to seek early diagnosis so they can plan for the future and understand the action they can take to maintain their health and wellbeing.”  

David Evans, Chief Executive of Mission Care comments: “I am thrilled to announce the opening of Mission Café – this is an exciting development in the supported service Mission Care provides. I believe it will have a positive and lasting impact within the community”.

You can visit dementia the Council’s social care pages, to find a range of information and advice about what’s available to support those with dementia, including details of other dementia cafes across the borough.