Record number of Bromley pupils get their preferred primary school place

Published Friday, 17 April 2015

Ninety-one per cent of primary school applicants to Bromley schools have received their first or second choice preference it was announced yesterday (16 April).

These are the borough’s best ever results – up four per cent on last year - and are especially impressive at a time of unprecedented pressure on school places across Bromley and London.

There were a total of 3989 agreed as on-time applications for Bromley primary places received for September 2015 with 3634 gaining one of their first two choice preferences, whilst 98 per cent got into one of their six preferred schools this year, up by three per cent on last year. The figures in detail are:

First preference: 83 per cent 3304 (up five per cent)

Second preference: Eight per cent 330

Third preference: Three per cent 126

Fourth preference: Two per cent 79

Fifth preference: One per cent 33

Sixth preference: One per cent 31

Alternative offer Two per cent 86

London has seen the school-age population increase at twice the rate of any other region in recent years. In response, Bromley and all London boroughs have been working with local schools to increase numbers of places.

A Bromley Council spokesperson said: “Bromley primary admissions statistics are particularly good this year with 91 per cent of applicants getting one of their top two preferences and 98 per cent gaining one of their six choices. The news was published on the Pan London Admissions site just after 6 pm on 16 April and first class letters were sent in the post. These results are particularly pleasing when Bromley has had to create 465 additional school places this year through bulge classes, permanently expanding more local schools and new free schools opening. This means that there are 720 more school places available to Bromley families than there were in 2010.”


Notes for Editors:

Primary preferences offered for the last 4 years of co-ordination:

2014  2013   2012 2011 
Cohort including late applications  4058 3820 3700 3600
1st 77% 76% 78% 79%
2nd 9% 9% 9%  10%
3rd  5% 4% 4%  5% 
4th - 6th  4% 6% 5% 3%
Alternative offer  5% 5% 4%  3%