Improving Crystal Palace Park taking shape

Published Thursday, 4 June 2015

Plans for a new form of governance and long term improvements in Crystal Palace Park are underway.

This will include the production of a regeneration plan to improve the park, bringing to fruition aspects of the Masterplan, creating a sustainable business model for the park’s future. 

Councillor Stephen Carr, Leader of Bromley Council said, “We have been working alongside local residents for many years now and this proposal has always been part of our vision. There are many considerations which need to be examined and naturally, finance will be part of this. The Masterplan proposals will need to be carefully assessed to ensure that a viable plan comes forward. Improving and sustaining this much loved park remains at the very heart of what we are looking to do and the long term governance proposals are part of this.” 

The set-up of a community led governance and management model for the park has been welcomed by community representatives. 

Martin Tempia, Chair of the Crystal Palace Park Community Stakeholder Group, said, “This is very good news for the Park. After the uncertainty caused by the ZhongRong proposal, we now have the opportunity to plan for its future. The fact that Bromley have agreed to a new form of independent governance for the park and provided funds to establish it, is a recognition of the work of community organisations and other stakeholders. They have shown their ability to undertake and deliver regeneration projects in the park and they will play a leading role in its future.” 

The news follows the completion of the first round of community grant fund applications which are now being assessed, with grants of up to £20,000 available for community or resident groups to deliver specific projects and activities in the park. 

This plan will build on the momentum established by the £2.4million improvements currently being delivered in the park which are being funded in partnership with the Mayor of London. 


Editor’s notes:

  • The Crystal Palace Park Community Stakeholder Group was established 3 years ago, with the Group represented on the Crystal Palace Park Executive Board. 
  • The news follows the expiration of the Exclusivity Agreement with ZhongRong Group (ZRG) which expired on 1 February 2015 which allowed discussions and negotiations to take place between ZRG and Bromley Council on a proposal to rebuild the Crystal Palace on the top of the site, and restore the wider park in line with the agreed Masterplan. However, the Council were unable to come to an agreement with ZRG during the 16 month period on a number of key conditions including the extent of demise and the term of the lease on the land. Additionally ZRG deleted any provision for the wider park from the proposed agreement, meaning that their proposal no longer saw the benefit of the Masterplan being realised. 
  • The governance proposals were agreed by Bromley Council’s Executive on 25 March 2015.
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