Waste4fuel waste removal operation

As a result of the Environment Agency’s original calculation that there were 18,000 tonnes on site proving to be inaccurate, the operation to remove waste from the former Waste4fuel site has currently had to be suspended.

Since the removal of the waste began back in November some 16,000 tonnes have already been removed from the site with an outstanding 9,000 tonnes now assessed to be remaining.

In addition, the discovery of technically contaminated waste material in a seam of rubbish towards the bottom of the stack (combusted/melted plastics and heavier based carbon materials) has meant the remaining waste will need to be disposed of in a more carefully managed way, with higher resulting processing costs.

This news follows the start of waste clearance in November, with confirmation of the completion of a land deal last September which led to the council owning the land and access road.  The breakthrough followed months of complicated negotiations between the Environment Agency and the former landowner, brokered by Bromley Council. 

Bromley Council, with valuable support from Bob Neill MP and other local MPs, are currently in contact with senior Government officials to secure the release of the extra funding promised by the Environment Agency at the time of the agreement, for such an eventuality.

It is estimated that approximately two month’s work remain for the total clearance of the site from the point of works recommencing.

The council remains hopeful of an early resolution to all outstanding questions and further updates will follow.

The council have been working and liaising with local residents, to share information about the removal operation and the briefing letters to residents can be viewed below: