Request for education provision due to Covid-19 closures

From 1 June, 2020, more children have been welcomed back to schools and other educational settings, starting with early years, reception and Years 1,6, 10 and 12. With the wider re-opening presently taking place across the country, we are aware that some education settings may not be fully ready to re-open at this stage and their capacity to admit additional children can be limited. The decision whether to re-open schools lies with the Headteacher or Principal and their overarching academy trust and for early years settings with the proprietor. Bromley Council will continue to provide support and guidance to all schools and settings. The available settings will continue to support children of key workers that are critical to Covid-19 efforts and vulnerable children.

You should only apply for an alternative placement if your usual school or setting cannot offer a place and one of the following applies:

You are a key worker critical to Covid-19 efforts and there is no one else at your home that can safely look after your child.
(NB We may ask for employer confirmation that applicants are key workers critical to Covid-19 efforts if this is not clear)

Your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan and cannot safely be cared for at home

Your child has a social worker

We will do our best to accommodate your request, where possible.


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