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Interactive Unitary Development Plan

Note: This electronic version of the Interactive Unitary Development Plan (UDP) has been produced to improve accessibility to the UDP. However, the printed version documents are the official version and take precedence over the electronic copy in all cases. The style of the local plan document on this website follows the style used in the printed version.

The UDP is divided into 2 parts; Written Statement and Proposals Maps. Please note, where the Proposals Map shows no designation, other policies in the Written Statement may apply, depending on the type of development or use proposed.

A full guide to navigation around the UDP can be viewed by clicking this link.

Other links in the Interactive UDP:

The Areas Liable to Flooding, Strategic & Local Cycle Network and Views of Local Importance maps are large files and may take time to download and navigate.

Please note: To download, view, and print PDF (Portable Document Format) files you need a free program called Adobe Reader®, which is available for download, free-of-charge from their Web site.