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Pension signing service

We can sign confirmations of residence and life for holders of foreign pensions. This service is provided free of charge at the Civic Centre reception. There is no need to book an appointment.

Everyone who is named on the confirmation will need to appear at the Civic Centre and bring a photographic proof of ID (for example, a passport or driving licence).

If a different name appears on the certificate to that on the electoral register, a proof of change of name (such as a marriage certificate) will also be needed. Proof of address is provided by a check of the electoral register against the address listed on the pension confirmation document.

If you are not a British, Irish, Commonwealth or European Union citizen, you will need to provide proof of address in the form of a bank statement or utility bill in addition to proof of ID. This is due to your name not appearing on the electoral register.


8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.