Paying for respite

Whilst some respite services are free for you to access, some will have a charge. You might be able to get financial support from the council to help you take a break following an assessment of your needs, but respite services are means-tested so you or the person you care for may have to contribute towards the cost. You can find out more on our paying for care page.

Alternatively, there are some benevolent funds and charities that may be able to help you with the costs these include  the Carers Trust and Turn2us

How a break might affect your benefits

Payment of benefits can sometimes be affected if you take a break or you or the person you are looking after goes into hospital or residential care.

Your carer's allowance when you have a break

If you have time off from caring, there are special rules to decide whether you’ll continue to receive Carer’s Allowance. The basic rule is that you can continue to receive your Carer’s Allowance for up to four weeks in any six-month period if you have a break from caring. However, the rules are complicated, so you should get specialist advice from the Carer’s Allowance Unit

If you’re receiving any other benefits which include extra amounts for caring, these may be affected if you have a break from caring.

For more information about how your benefits may be affected when your circumstances change for example if the person you care for goes into hospital or residential care please visit the Carers Uk website.