Roadmap to excellence

Developing a clear direction for Children’s Social Care - laying the foundation towards excellence.

This plan builds on the Children’s Service Improvement Action Plan June 2016 – October 2017, which sets out how the service is responding to the specific recommendations and issues raised in the Ofsted Report. To rebuild the service will take time and effort. But our primary focus will be on building an environment that promotes good social work practice and getting the simple things done well on casework.

This plan sets out the specific steps and directions required to improve frontline practice and create an environment that supports good social work practice.

The priority themes:

  1. improving safeguarding practice to ensure we provide better help and protection
  2. improving practice to children looked after
  3. improving practice to care leavers
  4. improving practice through better leadership and management
  5. improving practice in adoption
  6. improving practice - tackling child sexual exploitation, children missing and gangs
  7. improving practice - commissioning and procurement to support social work practice
  8. leadership team – enablers

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