Council budget consultation

The coming year may present economic challenges, but the council’s commitment to sound financial management and fiscal responsibility puts us in a good position to continue making Bromley a fantastic place to live and work, where everyone can lead healthy, safe and independent lives.

The council is currently setting its budget for 2023/24. Though this year the council faces economic challenges including high inflation, additional costs arising from adult social care legislative reforms and increased demand from those most in need, we will have a balanced budget. However, a budget gap of £29.6million is predicted in three years’ time. Without taking sensible action now, such a gap has the potential to grow and quickly become unsustainable.

While we consider the decisions around the budget, we would like to better understand your priorities. Please contact us by email with your views on areas of greater or lesser importance to you. Before doing so, please read the additional background information as it gives an indication of how and where our budget has been spent, the successes of the past year and the challenges we face looking forward.

The consultation period has closed, thank you to all those who contributed.