Youth Leader's Platform

Description All children have potential leadership skills which can be developed and enhanced. Communication skill is one of the most important leadership traits a child needs to have. Sadly it is also one of the most feared social activities among children and one which continues well into their adolescence and adulthood. Young Leader's Platform has embarked on a goal to develop outgoing and motivated children, who can organize and present ideas logically and convincingly to a large audience. Children enjoy being part of the group, engaging in different activities that cross them over from being shy and embarrassed to becoming confident and outgoing. The programme currently being run at Orpington teaches age appropriate skills to three different age groups and has delivered excellent results since its inception. Its students have represented various forums like Model United Nations, school debates and elocution winning accolades and going on to successfully pursuing University courses.
Contact name Ritu Khanna
Contact address 62 Warren Road, Orpington, BR6 6HY
Meeting location address 62 Warren Road, Orpington
Meeting postcode BR6 6HY
Meeting telephone 07451006793
Organisation e-mail
Opening times Beginner (School year 3, 4); Monday 5-6pm; Practitioner (School Year 5,6,7); Tuesday 5-6pm, Wednesday 6-7pm; Professional (School Year 8+); Friday 7-8.30pm, Saturday 4.30-6pm
Record updated 24-03-2017

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